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partly From: partly Date: April 6th, 2007 02:57 am (UTC) (Link)
- One thing I really love - it's always snowing for Fraser when Victoria is around. We don't see any snow from V's POV, but Victoria is always cold.

To me, the snow represents the fact that Fraser only sees Victoria as she was when he found her at the lee-side of the mountain: helpless, near-death and completely stripped of past and outside influence. In other words, Victoria and Fraser were exactly alike and both completely innocent.

When Fraser was with her in the pass he fell for the angelic image of her, lost in the falling snow with the most beautiful voice.

To me only Fraser sees the falling snow because he only sees Victoria as that pure, innocent woman. He knows better, but he can't see her any other way. He is lost in that moment and he stays lost there even after Ray shoots him.

It's not until "Letting go" that he comes to terms with it.

I don't see the snow as symbolizing Victoria "coldness" but rather it symbolizes Frazer's view of her purity and innocence.
3 comments or Leave a comment