Tiranog, Crowrow, Ro (tiranog) wrote in ds_discourse,
Tiranog, Crowrow, Ro

Re: RayK's Background

I was just wondering if anyone else had ever noticed the shamrock on RayK's refridgerator and wondered about it's presence in his apartment? Do you think it was just CKR's input (with a name like Callum Keith, there's probably some Irish in his background)? Or looking at it from a strictly what-we-see-is-real-about-the-characters viewpoint, do you think it's possible his mom was Irish? It seemed like a really weird thing for a completely Polish person to have displayed so prominently in his kitchen, especially since there aren't any visibly traditional Polish regalia visible. My roommate's dad was Polish and her parents have a few traditional knicknacks and such on display in the house, the same way I've got my Irish stuff up and my other Polish, German, Chinese, etc., friends all have some little knicknack or heirloom someplace that acknowledges their background. Is there some background to the shamrock that I missed or is it just another of those DS mysteries that keep us puzzling away at it

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