tiny bit of meta

mostly to keep this community alive, honestly, because there's some excellent meta here.

does anyone else get a vibe of queerness off of due South because of the music? I think there's a lot of feminine/female/femme singers that Fraser is paired with (musically) in the first season especially, and it kind of queers things for me (in the most awesome way possible).

oblique dS love

I was just discussing Victoria with my sister, and felt this wacky urge to squee about the dS fandom. That might sound weird at first, but the reason is like this -- a Pierce Brosnan Bond movie can afford to have not-so-spectacular Bond Girls in it, as long as the Villain more than makes up for the lack of sexy and pretty (see Sean Bean). More precisely, one can judge the mettle of a show by the calibre of its Villain.

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Tomorrow, Sunday November 12th, there will be a #discourse chat from 6pm CST onward.

Instructions on IRC can be found here.

Looking forward to it!

ETA: I'll try and make it into the chatroom by 5PM CST (11PM GMT), but the offical chat will start at 6PM CST (12AM GMT).
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"Juliet is Bleeding" (2x07) - some thoughts and reflections

I just re-watched the classic season two ep "Juliet is Bleeding" and I thought we dS fans could put our noggins together and figure out why this episode works (because...well, duh, it's one of the best RayV episodes ever) and why it doesn't (because...I don't think it does.)

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So, those are my thoughts on this episode. What do you guys think? Am I totally off-based in my analysis? Did you have some of the same problems, or did you love this ep to pieces? Anyone? Anyone?