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dS Discourse

Where all dS discussion is welcome

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Welcome to ds_discourse.

This community was created to give due South fans of all persuasions a place to discuss the episodes, characters, and anything else related to the show itself. No season or pairing is off-topic. Do you have a strictly het or gen take on the show? Come on in and join the discussion!

1) This community is open to all points of view, which means people won't always agree. Discussion is good. Flaming is not. Flames will be deleted and repeated flaming will get you banned. In the almost two years this community has been going this has never been a problem and hopefully that will continue.

2) Let me say this as clearly as possible: This community has one purpose and one purpose only...discussion of the show due South. This means just what it says. If your post is not specifically related to discussing some aspect of the show then it is probably off-topic. We welcome meta posts or specific questions about an episode, but it must be about the show. All OT posts will be deleted.

What constitutes an OT post?

Any post that does not relate to the show due South. I'll list a few of the most common examples of OT posts, but be reminded this is only a partial list. A good rule of thumb is that if the topic isn't related to the characters and/or the show then it's more than likely OT. If you have any doubts please feel free to e-mail me at bluster@livejournal.com.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of OT topics, but it should give you a pretty good guide:

a) Discussions of the actors and/or their latest projects
b) Website updates
c) Announcements of recently posted fan fiction
d) Looking for a beta
e) Asking for help finding a particular story.
f) Looking for and/or trying to give away/sell copies of Due South or other shows the
g) Discussion of fan fiction is not allowed unless it's within the context of discussing an episode and/or aspects of a specific character. A good example of this can be found in the memories section here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/ds_discourse/20282.html

3) There will be some people who have not seen all the episodes; however, it is simply impractical to worry about spoilers.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome at bluster@livejournal.com.

If you're looking for a place to post something and it doesn't belong here chances are one of these communities is what you're looking for:

ds_noticeboard - The goal of this livejournal is to provide a centralized noticeboard for due South fandom. This is the place to make announcements for new fic, updates to websites, what's going on with the actors, etc. They're also more than a little Hard Core Logo - Hugh Dillon friendly. If in doubt, check with the admin of the community.

ds_writers - A community for writers and lovers of due South fanfiction. Members can find a beta, post a snippet, or simply gripe a little about writer's block. The community is friends locked, but all you have to do is join the community and you can find all the help you need to write your due South story.

ds_ficfinders - A community for help in finding that fic you loved and can't remember. *g*

dues_research - A good resource for writers.